Wireshark 3.0 Tips / Tricks #2 – Moving Configuration Profiles

Moving Configuration Profiles

By Phill “Sherlock” Shade

In a previous tip (Wireshark Tips / Tricks #1 – Building Configuration Profiles in Wireshark) I had mentioned that I often use Wireshark as my default tool for network or security related projects that utilize packets (frames) in some manner. The previously mentioned tip describes how to build custom configuration profiles as a mechanism for tailoring Wireshark to the desired network or protocol configuration. However, many Wireshark users are not aware that it is possible to take a previously built custom configuration profile from another copy of Wireshark and add to your current install.

  1. Navigate to the Wireshark Help Menu:

  1. Select the Folders Tab:

  1. Select the “Personal Configuration” Link:

  1. Copy the desired configuration Profile folder(s) (in this case “Phill Shade Profiles”)

Note: you can replace all of the values, including the “Default Configuration” or only the values contained in the “Profiles Folder”

  1. Select the desired configuration from the modified list and you are ready to go!

I hope that you found this information useful! This technique and many others are covered in our class:

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