SharkFest’19 EUROPE

This November an educational Wireshark Community event taking place soon. SharkFest’19 EUROPE will happen in beautiful Estoril, Portugal for those interested in boosting their packet-level troubleshooting and monitoring expertise or advancing their careers in a warm, social setting to attend!

As you’re no doubt aware, Wireshark is the world’s foremost free, open-source packet analysis tool used daily by millions of IT professionals needing to quickly find the source of anomalous network behavior.  Since 2008, the Wireshark Developer and User Communities have gathered annually at SharkFest™, an educational conference specifically designed to encourage knowledge transfer among packet analysts at all levels of experience.

The 4th annual SharkFest EUROPE takes place Nov 4th – 8th at the Palacio Estoril. Opening with the “Next Generation Protocols & Advanced Network Analysis” Pre-Conference class and followed by a rich line-up of sessions delivered by a global array of renowned packet analysts, SharkFest’19 EUROPE promises to be another outstanding knowledge-sharing experience.


  • Group & Individual Packet Challenges
  • LTE, VoIP, TLS, IPv6, & Cisco SDA Architecture Troubleshooting Sessions
  • 2-Part WLAN Security Workshop with Thomas d’Otreppe, creator of Aircrack-ng
  • “Building Your Own Capture System” panel session with Jasper Bongertz, Luca Deri and Stephen Donnelly
  • Meeting, networking, knowledge-sharing & socializing with peers, Wireshark core developers, and packet-level experts in a beautiful, relaxed setting
  • Discovering Wireshark use-enhancing technology at SharkFest Sponsor showcase events

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