Code Definition
0 Successful
1 Unspecified failure (Example: no SSID specified in an association request
2 Refused – Unspecified Failure
3 TDLS wakeup schedule rejected but alternative schedule provided
5 Security Disabled
6 Unacceptable Lifetime
7 Not in same BSS
10 Capabilities Mismatch – Cannot support all requested capabilities in the Capability Information
11 Inability to confirm that association exists
12 Denied due to reason outside the scope of this standard
13 Station does not support the specified authentication algorithm
14 Received an Authentication frame with authentication transaction sequence number out of expected sequence
15 Rejected because of challenge failure
16 Rejected due to timeout waiting for next frame in sequence
17 AP is unable to handle additional associated stations (insuffient AIDs on the AP)
18 Requesting station does not support all of the data rates in the BSS Basic Rate Set parameter
19 Requesting station not supporting the short preamble option
20 Requesting station not supporting the PBCC modulation option
21 Requesting station not supporting the Channel Agility option
22 Spectrum Management capability is required
23 Information in the Power Capability element is unacceptable
24 Information in the Supported Channels element is unacceptable
25 Requesting station not supporting the Short Slot Time option
26 Requesting station not supporting the DSSS-OFDM option
27 Requesting station not supporting the HT features
28 ROKH Unreachable
29 Requesting station not support the Phased Coexistence Operation (PCO) transition time required by the AP
30 Refused Temporarily – Association Request temporarily rejected; try again later
31 Robust management frame policy violation
32 Unspecified, QoS-related failure
33 QAP has insufficient bandwidth to handle another QSTA
34 Excessive frame loss rates and/or poor conditions on current channel
35 Requesting STA does not support the QoS facility
37 Request has been declined
38 Request has not been successful as one or more parameters have invalid values
39 TS has not been created because the request cannot be honored; a suggested TSPEC is provided so that the initiating QSTA may attempt to set another TS with the suggested changes to the TSPEC
40 Invalid information element, i.e., an information element defined in this standard for which the content does not meet the specifications in Clause 7
41 – 43 Invalid group cipher / Invalid pairwise cipher / Invalid AKMP
44 Unsupported RSN information element version
45 Invalid RSN information element capability’s
46 Cipher suite rejected because of security policy
47 TS has not been created; however, the HC may be capable of creating a TS, in response to a request, after the time indicated in the TS Delay element
48 Direct link is not allowed in the BSS by policy
49 Destination STA is not present within this BSS
50 Destination STA is not a QoS STA
51 Listening Interval is too large
52 Invalid FT Action Frame count
53 Invalid pairwise master key identifier (PMKID)
54 / 55 Invalid MDE / Invalid FTE
56 Requesting TCLAS processing is not supported by the AP
57 AP has insufficient TCLAS processing resources to satisfy request
58 TS has not been created because the request cannot be honored, the HC suggests the client transition to other BSS’s to setup the TS
59 / 60 GAS protocol not supported / No outstanding GAS request
61 GAS response not received from the Advertisement Server
62 STA timed out waiting for GAS Query Response
63 GAS Response is larger than the Query Response length limit
64 Home network does not support request
65 Advertisement Server in the network is not currently reachable
67 Request refused due to permission received via SSPN interface
68 AP does not support unauthenticated access
72 Invalid contents of RSNE
73 / 74 U-APSD Coexistence not supported / Requested Coexistence not supported
75 Requested Interval / Duration value can not be supported with U-APSD Coexistence
76 Anti-Clogging Token is required
77 The offered finite cyclic group is not supported
78 TBIT adjustment request not successful because STA could not find alternative TBTT
79 Transmission Failure
80 Requested TCLAS not supported
81 TCLAS Resources exhausted
82 Rejected with suggested BSS transition
92 (Re)Association refused for external reason
93 (Re)Association refused du to memory limits at the AP
94 (Re)Association refused because emergency services are not supported by the AP
95 GAS Query Response not yet received
100 Failed due to a reservation conflict
101 Failed due to exceeded MAF limit
102 Failed due to exceeded MCCA track limit
200 (0xC8) Unspecified, QoS-related failure. Not defined in IEEE, defined in CCXv4
201 (0xC9) TSPEC request refused due to AP’s policy configuration (e.g., AP is configured to deny all TSPEC requests on this SSID). A TSPEC will not be suggested by the AP for this reason code. Not defined in IEEE, defined in CCXv4
202 (0xCA) Denied due to AP having insufficient bandwidth to handle a new TS. Used while roaming only. Not defined in IEEE, defined in CCXv4
203 (0xCB) Invalid Parameters – one or more TSPEC parameters in request have invalid values. A TSPEC SHALL be present in the response as a suggestion. Not defined in IEEE, defined in CCXv4
NOTE Codes 4,8,9 / 66, 69 ??? 71 / 83 – 91 / 96 ??? 99 / 103 -199 / 204 – 65,535 reserved for future use