Network Forensics Analysis using Wireshark

Audience Networking Personnel that need to acquire a foundation in network forensics technology, terminology, common networking protocols and use of Open-Source Network / Forensic Analysis tools and methodologies. Successful completion of this course will provide […]


Riverbed Packet Analyzer PE

SteelCentral Packet Analyzer Personal Edition Packet and network analyzer for Wireshark users from your desktop Formerly Known As: Cascade Pilot Personal Edition Easily drill down from SteelCentral™ Packet Analyzer Personal Edition visually rich, graphical display […]


Eye P.A.

Optimize Throughput and Capacity After you’ve ruled out interference, your users may still be experiencing issues. Creating a packet capture with Eye P.A. + AirPcap Nx (or b.y.o. 3rd party capture file) allows you to […]


Catchwire, Remote Wireshark Sensor

Complete Network Visibility! Use Wireshark with Catchwire CatchWire is an intelligent inline network monitoring appliance used by IT security organizations to detect threats to high value and remote areas of the network. Scaling from single […]



The ultimate WiFi pentest companion, in your pocket. 6th generation software featuring PineAP, web interface and modules Dual discrete 2.4 GHz b/g/n Atheros radios Up to 400 mW per radio with included antennas (upgradeable) Integrated […]


Advanced Network/Security Analysis

A path-way into Network and Security Analysis. This course is designed for Networking, and Security Engineers that need to further enhance their Network Analysis skills through study of Advanced Network Analysis using Wireshark and other […]


How Did That Happen?

Network Forensics Case Studies 1. Troubleshooting vs. Forensics 2. Case Study #1 – Application Based Attacks / Exploits 3. Case Study #2 – Bot’s and Botnets – Zbots Zbots & Mirai & Mirai & Mirai […]