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Cyber Security Institute Training – Making sense of the 1’s and 0’s

‘On behalf of the training staff of Cyber Security Institute and Merlion’s Keep Consulting, I would like to welcome you and congratulate you on choosing us to further your professional skill-set.’

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The ringing of the mobile phone heralds the news that every Network Security professional dreads; ‘I think the network was hacked’. Suddenly you are faced with answering five questions you hoped never to encounter:

  • Who was the intruder and how did they penetrate the existing security precautions?
  • What damage has been done?
  • Did the intruder leave anything such as a new user account, a Trojan horse or perhaps some new type of Worm or Bot software behind?
  • Is there sufficient data to analyze and reproduce the attack and verify the fix will work?

These are the very questions we provide the answers to! Here at the Cyber Security Institute, we are proud to work with our Partners; Merlion’s Keep Consulting and Training, SCOS and Wireshark University to provide over 30 relevant and practical training courses tailored to real-world networking challenges featuring state-of-the-art Network and Cyber / Forensics Analysis training covering all aspects of Ethernet, WiFi, Voice and Video over IP, and legacy systems. Our training services are uniquely designed to provide a multi-level approach structured to address all key areas of our customers’ training requirements:

  • Certification Training: Technology focused and vendor neutral with clearly defined levels of certification that reflect attained expertise
  • Professional Development Training: Based upon real world, actual network analysis experience
  • Product Focused Training: Designed to train key personnel in the effective operation of various products

CS Institute instructors are industry professionals and internationally recognized experts in the fields of Network, Security and Cyber / Forensics Analysis that bring over 30 years of real-world knowledge to the classroom. Combined with highly energetic, knowledgeable and informative style, they set the standard for industry training.

Based on the divergent requirements of the modern world, we provide multiple curriculum tracks tailored to the unique situations facing the Public, Government, Military and Law Enforcement sectors.

All of our courses are available as public classes or onsite (in-house) / customized to your unique requirements. Additional information on course schedules, events and more can be found online at:

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We hope that you will enjoy these programs!

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