Cyber Security Institute Training Student Comments

CS Institute instructors are industry leaders and internationally recognized experts in the fields of Network, Security and Cyber / Forensics Analysis that bring over 30 years of real-world knowledge to the classroom. Combined with highly energetic, knowledgeable and informative style, they set the standard for industry training.

Our training curriculum offerings are constantly updated based on ever-changing and emerging technologies combined with student feedback. The following comments are testimonials taken from the class feedback surveys from actual students that have attended some of our training classes:

Student_1638033 – Phill is extremely knowledgeable on the topics covered. He exceeded the expectation by bringing a lot of real world examples. His stories about the examples were often firsthand accounts served to maintain my attention and focus.

Student_1997595 – Can only think of strengths. Incredible knowledgeable, intuitive at determining your level of understanding.

Student_7770886 – Easily one of the most knowledgeable people that I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet and be taught a class by. I have 35+ years experience & under graduate degrees in computer science & engineering, & a graduate degree in IT. I could easily write several paragraphs regarding how impressive this guy is. He’s simply AWESOME!!!

Student_12908108 – By far the best instructor I have had. His knowledge and enthusiasm about the subject was outstanding. You need to add a 6 to your rating scale for his classes.

Student_44122844 – Probably one of the best instructors I have had. He keeps you interested in his topic. He doesn’t make you feel like you are stupid for not understanding the information.

Student_2289896 – Affable and entertaining. Well worth the training investment. He was very engaging and made the week go fast.

Student_19297861 – Though he had to cater to a large spectrum of experience levels in the students, I still found the class to be one of the most informative I’ve taken.

Student_43306361 – Great instructor who provided educational training with real world examples. He listened and responded to questions and comments with patience and a genuine interest in the students understanding of the material.

Student_42352490 – Phill Shade tailored our class to the high level of experience of all present. This made the experience highly enjoyable and engaging. I would recommend this class to anyone, as his wide knowledge base allows him to provide the level of content suited for the entire class and will attend to more knowledgeable individuals as time allows.

Student _42443688 – Instructor was amazing! First class I’ve been to in a long time that I wasn’t utterly bored by the end of each day!

Student_43306362 – He is an expert! There was nothing he didn’t know. I appreciate the real-world examples.

Student_9465412 – He was great. I’ve taken multiple classes (Cisco) with other training companies and never got the level of in depth, real world scenario training that I received taking this course. He was extremely well versed and was able to answer questions outside the immediate scope of the book, which previous instructors could not always do. I would gladly take another course with this instructor and hope the two other individuals we have going later in the year have him as well.

Student_14927876 – Only one I would want to take training from … he did not read the book and we worked in the tool the entire week bravo

Public Conference Comments

‘Wealth of knowledge and experience, good sense of humor, good presenter, very helpful and practical Wireshark examples.’

‘Well-presented and excellent pace. Very applicable topic. I believe the well-educated audience helped to keep the pace timely.’

‘Extremely interesting and informative! So far, best session of Sharkfest! Dynamic, knowledgeable speaker. Wish this session was an hour longer!’