Cyber Security Consulting

The classic expression; ‘Nothing is sure in life except death and taxes’ has been expanded in this new millennium to include ‘…and getting hacked’

If you have ever had a computer / network virus, been hacked or held hostage by ransomware – you’re not alone!

The expert CSI Team has the knowledge and skills to help you to answer the key questions of:

  • Who was the intruder and how did they penetrate the existing security precautions?
  • What damage has been done?
  • Did the intruder leave anything such as a new user account, a Trojan horse or perhaps some new type of Worm or Bot software behind?
  • Is there sufficient data to analyze and reproduce the attack and verify the fix will work?

Our experts will work with your team, providing training and guidance while assisting your personnel to identify and resolving the issue.

We are happy to provide you with the following services:

  • Threat Identification and remediation
  • Forensics and Digital evidence analysis
  • Network scanning and anomaly detection
  • Independent 3rd party verification
  • Assistance with evidence preservation
  • Referral to applicable legal authorities
  • Forensics investigation training

We look forward to working with you to resolve your networking concerns and adding you to our list of satisfied clients!