Consultancy by Phill Shade

Every Network Engineer hears one or more of these almost every day it seems, the question is how do we not just resolve the immediate issue, but rather, find the underlying cause?

All to often, this question leads to an assortment of panic-inducing questions such as:

Now What? – Where do you start? What kinds of questions do you need answered? How much time is this going to take? What if I don’t have the time / expertise?

This is where the Cyber Security Institute Network Analysis experts can solve the problem for you!

Rather than expend valuable company time and resources guessing and hoping to find the solution or spending time / money on training, bring one of our expert consults to you!

Our experts deliver their verdict based upon a combination of experience and evidence gathered onsie, often in real-time with your personnel receiving helpful training as the trouble shooting case evolves!

Upon concluding your case we will:

  • Provide a report detailing our findings
  • Guarantee that any recommendation we give will be backed by the evidence
  • We will provide an opinion if asked but we’ll state whether it’s based on the evidence, our experience or other factors

We look forward to working with you to resolve your networking concerns and adding you to our list of satisfied clients!

For additional information, simply click on the link that applies to your unique situation:

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