The fields that comprise IT and security comprise such a vast amount of information, it is impossible for any one person to master them all. Consequently, we often receive questions about published resources such as books to read for more additional information or detailed explanations on specific topics. Collected here are six categories of books that we have had reason to consult at some point in our careers. While some volumes may be dated, they all provide excellent reference information.

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Top 12 ‘Must-Have’ Recommendations

This list is a subset of the other lists and is comprised of books collected here as a ‘Must Read’ as they provide excellent basic information that all serious Network / Security / Forensics professionals should have read or at least have available in their library when required.

General Network Analysis Books

The books collected here are key reference books related to the fields of general Network Analysis or Networking technologies. They provide good background information into analysis techniques and information describing the origins of many of the technologies and rules that engineers take for granted.

Multimedia over IP Analysis Books

Multimedia over IP comprises technologies such as Voice, Video, T.38 Fax or T.120 that use networking protocols such as IP to carry their information. The volumes in this collection reflect an assortment of especially useful sources.

WiFi (WLAN) Network Analysis Books

Wireless is sometimes; erroneously referred to as simply Ethernet without wires. The truth is it is anything but that as knowledge of Wireless design, configuration, and analysis has gone from ‘nice-to-know’ to being a critical skill set for any good networking or security geek. The books listed here will give the inquiring engineer a solid foundation to build skills upon.

Forensics and Security Books

Where to begin learning this topic? The science of Network Forensics is still so new, that few good references exist, leaving the beginning engineer at a loss. The volumes in this category comprise the largest listing is this collection are intended to provide good starting points for many of the sub-specialties that comprise Network Security and Forensics. As these fields are constantly evolving, it is recommended to check this listing frequently.

Certification Books

A collection of certification preparation guides that our engineers consider to be of specific importance.

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