Consultancy by Phill Shade

Every Network Engineer hears one or more of these almost every day it seems, the question is how do we not just resolve the immediate issue, but rather, find the underlying cause? All to often, […]


Introduction to the Standard Courses

Network and Forensics Analysis using Wireshark and Open-Source Applications Welcome to our in-depth offerings for classes focused on traditional Network Troubleshooting, Analysis and Forensics, we offer an assortment of classes specifcally designed for the Networking […]


Regular Consulting

The phrase that every Network Engineer wishes they had never heard: The Network / VoIP or Video is Slow / Down! While the suspects are numerous; ranging from excessive utilization to End-User perception, it is […]


Cyber Security Consulting

The classic expression; ‘Nothing is sure in life except death and taxes’ has been expanded in this new millennium to include ‘…and getting hacked’ If you have ever had a computer / network virus, been […]